Top 5 Features Of QB Sync Made Easy: The QuickBooks Online And Salesforce Connector

October 17, 2023
By Team QB Sync Made Easy
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Top 5 Features Of QB Sync Made Easy: The QuickBooks Online And Salesforce Connector
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What makes QB Sync Made Easy different from other connectors? The exclusive features of QB Sync Made Easy will benefit your business like never before. The integration helps businesses gain visibility and also helps in creating leads within Salesforce CRM.

We had already discussed what QuickBooks Online and Salesforce is in the previous blog. The Ultimate App For Seamless QuickBooks To Salesforce Integration. With the integration, you can exchange financial information with the Sales department. All information will be on the same page and as a business owner, you can make productive decisions.

Here in the blog, we put light on the exclusive features of QB Sync Made Easy that are free. Many of the active users have downloaded the App and posted their reviews on AppExchange. Here are the prominent features of QB Sync Made Easy.

Top 5 Features Of QuickBooks Online Integration Tool: QB Sync Made Easy

The integration of QuickBooks Online and Salesforce will speed up your sales cycle. The integration will give you a 360 view of the client that helps you to make valuable futuristic decisions.

Highlighting the top five features of QB Sync Made Easy that will benefit your business.

Two-Way Sync

With the two-way sync feature, the update made in Quickbooks will be synced in Salesforce and vice-versa in real-time. With the feature, you do not need to worry about your data. Everything will be available on a platform giving overall visibility of data.

Support Multiple QuickBooks Environments

With the app you can link your multiple QuickBooks Online environment. Now you can operate all your QuickBooks Online environment in one place.

Invoice Creation Sharing Estimates In Emails as PDF

Convert your synced QuickBooks Online data into invoices in Salesforce and share your estimates in emails as PDFs to the client.

No Code Configuration Required

The app installation and configuration can easily be done by the manual available on AppExchange as well as from the blogs on the How-To-Do series on the website. No code is required and anyone can configure it easily.

Historical QuickBooks Online Data Sync

Import your Historical QuickBooks data into Salesforce for better reporting in real-time. There is no hassle in syncing historical data, it can easily be synced with a click.


The features of QB Sync Made Easy will automate your business. With the app, you can automate sales orders, create invoices, and send estimates to clients on a click. All your data will be synced which helps you to give an overview of your customers. This way it smoothes your accounting process.

The QB sync Made Easy is easily available on AppExchange which can be easily downloaded and you can see the miracle to your business. Till then stay tuned for the upcoming blogs!

  • Automating data sharing between Salesforce & Quickbooks

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