Introducing QB Sync Made Easy: The Ultimate App for Seamless QuickBooks to Salesforce Integration

August 25, 2023
By Team QB Sync Made Easy
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Introducing QB Sync Made Easy: The Ultimate App for Seamless QuickBooks to Salesforce Integration
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Are you a business owner juggling with huge account data? Are You unable to get 360° views of your client’s account and facing problems in making prompt business decisions? Are you looking for automated data backups, invoice generation, and sharing estimation with clients? Or are you facing a lot of human intervention in your priceless data and opening gateways to a lot of errors??

If yes, the answer to all of your accounting woes is QB Sync Made Easy, a powerful QuickBooks to Salesforce integration app.

This app is a game-changer in this competitive world. Let’s find out how QB Sync Made Easy gives solutions to all your problems. Join our journey to have a look at our newly launched app QB Sync Made Easy from the house of HIC Global Solutions.

What is Quickbooks?

Well, you are very much aware that Quickbooks is a powerful accounting software, which provides a range of accounting and finance services for small businesses. This software monitors company cash flow, controls profit and expenses, manages analytics, and reporting, and assists in making major financial decisions.

QB Sync Made Easy support integration between Quickbooks online version to Salesforce. Quickbooks online version keeps your accounting books in the cloud. This is accessible from anywhere anytime and has invoicing capabilities.

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What is QB Sync Made Easy?

QB Sync Made Easy is a Salesforce to Quickbooks connector that takes the cloud platform to new heights.

QB Sync Made Easy connector for QuickBooks to Salesforce, the integration eliminates manual operations and minimizes human error by automating repetitive processes. This integration helps in data transfer between sales and financial departments fastens the sales process and increases the ROI. As of now, QB sync is compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Salesforce editions.

Why do we need QB Sync Made Easy?

As businesses grow, you need a lot of help to manage your leads and customers. To increase sales and deliver personalized service to your customers you need to connect with the CRM. Simultaneously it will improve business productivity and optimize company resources.

As we know, Salesforce is an easy-to-use CRM platform available worldwide. It covers all the critical business needs in one place. Salesforce’s open API offers opportunities to integrate with other services with ease.

QB Sync Made Easy enables you to achieve your business goals by connecting Salesforce to Quickbooks online.

What are QB Sync's major features?

QB Sync Made Easy is a Salesforce-compatible connector, which streamlines your accounting process. Here are some major features that make this app unique.

Here we have listed down the features:

  • With the real-time sync feature, sync all the accounting entities with Salesforce.
  • Two-way sync functionality enables your data to be accessed from both apps in real time.
  • Import all Historical data into Salesforce and manage all your customers with the Salesforce features.
  • Seamlessly integrate your multiple QB environments with Salesforce.
  • Dynamic field mapping smoothens the integration process.
  • No code is required for configuration, ideal for IT and non-IT users
  • Instantly share invoices and estimates as pdf via e-mails.


Well, integrating Quickbooks and Salesforce brings your sales team and accounting team together which smoothens the process and reduces the sales cycle. You will have 360 views of your business and financial management.

To know more about QB sync Made Easy, book a call today with our experts or install the app available on Appexchange. Stay tuned for such informative blogs till then happy reading.

  • Automating data sharing between Salesforce & Quickbooks

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