QB Sync Made Easy: How To Install And Set Permission

September 12, 2023
By Team QB Sync Made Easy
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QB Sync Made Easy: How To Install And Set Permission
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QB Sync Made Easy is the Salesforce to Quickbooks online connector. Connecting your Quickbooks online to the number one CRM tool would be a wise decision to reduce human intervention in your financial data, Also it will boost your sales cycle, and further increase your ROI. With our Quickbooks online connector, you will be able to boost your business to new heights.

Your finance team and sales team are on the same page and it becomes convenient for you to manage your customers keep track of new opportunities and grow your business like never before. In our last blog, you can have a glimpse of our Ultimate App For Seamless QuickBooks To Salesforce Integration.

Today, in the blog we start with the basics and see how to install our app QB Sync Made Easy from Appexchange and set permission in your environment. So, now let’s get started with the blog and get into the most convenient installation and configuration process with us.

How To Install QB Sync Made Easy

Before installing the app there are some prerequisites to keep in mind:

  • Need to assign permission sets, steps will be mentioned below
  • It is not supported in Professional and Group Additional Orgs

Now the first thing is to log in to Salesforce from your account:

After login to Salesforce, you will see the installation screen. Click on Install for all users and install.

After this, a window will appear

Tick The check box, and installation begins:

Now the QB Sync Made Easy app is Installed for All Users
Now after installing the QB Sync Made Easy app, the Home page will appear as shown.

How To Give Permission Set Assignment

After installing the QB Sync Made Easy app, the Home page will appear as shown and search the Users.

Click on the user, scroll down, and edit the assignment.

Select the permission set and save it.

This is how we have given the permission set.


Quickbooks online connector to Salesforce will smooth your accounting process like never before. The appealing part about the app is its bi-directional syncing with ease and that too in real-time. We will be exploring more of its features in our upcoming blogs.

The process of installing QB Sync Made Easy and giving permission set is very smooth and I hope this blog has made this process smoother. For any query regarding the process, you can consult our special QB Sync support team.

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog where we will discuss syncing legacy data from Quickbooks online to Salesforce and vice-versa. Also, Install our app QB Sync Made Easy, easily available on Appexchange.

  • Automating data sharing between Salesforce & Quickbooks

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