QB Sync Made Easy: How To Connect And Configure

September 19, 2023
By Team QB Sync Made Easy
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QB Sync Made Easy: How To Connect And Configure
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QB Sync Made Easy allows you to share data between sales and accounting via integrating Salesforce and Quickbooks online. The integration of Salesforce and Quickbooks online streamlines data exchange within sales and accounting and reduces the need for manual entry. This integration gives you visibility into how your business is running, and where it can be improved.

QB Sync Made Easy is a connector that allows you to exchange data between Salesforce and Quickbooks online. It pulls Salesforce opportunities into Quickbooks online as invoices, with this your sales cycle will be sped up and all your financial records will be in one place.

In our how-to blog series, where in the first blog we discussed How to Install and Set Permission, we are now moving ahead with this blog with How to Connect and Configure. So let’s get started with the steps:

Connect Quickbooks Companies In Salesforce

By now you must be clear with installation and set permission. Now you are able to see the home page of the app.

Click on Setup and the window will appear like the image below. Now to connect Quickbooks companies in Salesforce you need to click on Connect with Quickbooks online.

Once you have clicked on Connect with Quickbooks online, a window will pop up. Here you need to choose the Quickbooks Environment (Sandbox/ Production) and then click the connect button. We are selecting Sandbox.

Once you click on connect, select the company and click on the next tab.

Now you need to log in to your Salesforce account that you are willing to connect. Once you log in you will get a message that the company has successfully connected. Then you click on the Click here to Proceed Button.

Quickbooks Company Configuration

We have connected Quickbooks company to Salesforce. Now it is time to configure. Once you have clicked on click to proceed a window will pop up as below, click on configure.

Once you click on configure a window will appear, where you can see your company details. Here in the email section, you can enter your email if you want to get notified after the Historic sync has been completed.

How to Configure Mapping For Salesforce to Quickbooks & Quickbooks to Salesforce

Here you can see the mapping page where you can map Quickbooks to Salesforce and Salesforce to Quickbooks Sync.

Selecting Quickbooks online to Salesforce mapping.

Now here in Quickbooks to Salesforce sync, choose the objects that you want to sync with the chosen fields.

You can also choose default mapping for (Customer, Item, and Estimate) with Salesforce’s Account, Product, and Opportunities respectively.

After adding mapping click on SaveAll (If you just want to save the mapping) or Save and Sync Button (If you want to save and Start the Sync Process).

If you have clicked on save and sync a Modal will pop up, then you can sync.

Then you can see the status of your syncing process.

In a similar manner, you can save mapping for Salesforce to Quickbooks, you need to go to the object and field setup page and do the mapping same as above.


QB Sync Made Easy App will be responsible for collaborating with your Sales and Accounting team to achieve business goals. Data exchange between these two is an important aspect in terms of any business, which is why Salesforce Quickbooks online integration is a great solution.

In the blog, we have seen the steps to How To Connect And Configure our QB sync made easy to link your Quickbooks online to Salesforce and vice-versa. The steps are quite simple and the blog should make it simpler for you. We will continue with our How to Do blog series with our upcoming blogs, so stay tuned and get yourself updated.

Also, don’t forget to install our app QB Sync Made Easy, easily available on AppExchange. We have a dedicated team of developers to provide support regarding any query. So feel free to consult us anytime!

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