How to Manage Your Accounting Process by QuickBooks Online And Salesforce Integration Tool

October 31, 2023
By Team QB Sync Made Easy
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How to Manage Your Accounting Process by QuickBooks Online And Salesforce Integration Tool
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In today’s competitive world, businesses are eager to expand, and workflow efficiency is critical to success. QuickBooks and Salesforce are the most popular cloud-based platforms, with features that cater to various customer-centric approaches. QuickBooks Online And Salesforce Integration tool can bridge the gap between these two domains and bring them together on a single platform.

Integrating QuickBooks Online with Salesforce can significantly streamline and smoothen the accounting process by creating a more efficient and accurate flow of financial data between your CRM system and your accounting software. The integration gives you an overview of your company and plays a significant role in future business decisions.

In the blog, see how the QB Sync Made Easy app helps you manage your accounting process more efficiently and take your business to new heights.

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Manage Accounting Process With QB Sync Made Easy

Even with the best accounting software, accounting is a challenging job to be done. Managing budgets, billing, paychecks, invoice creation, sharing estimates, and taxes are tedious jobs for any business owner. The integration of QuickBooks Online and Salesforce gives you a unified platform that can improve your accounting process.

QB Sync Made Easy is the integration tool that helps you to manage your accounting process. Here are some of the ways how this integration brings automation to your accounting process, as well as improves your business processes.

Automatic Synchronization Of Data

With QB Sync Made Easy integration of the two platforms allows automatic synchronization of the data, which eliminates the need for manual entry which reduces the risk of error. This in turn saves lots of time and increases the efficiency of the workflow.

The syncing of data can easily be done either by using a button or creating a flow while integrating the two platforms. The syncing will be smooth and takes no time. The syncing of data reduces duplicate entries and drives more insights for better forecasting.

Effective Collaboration Between Sales and Finance Departments

The information exchange between the Sales and finance departments is smooth and transparent. Effective collaboration between the departments helps streamline business operations and increase the productivity of the team.

The Sales department can keep track of costs, budgets, and customer statements and gain insights to make valuable decisions. The gap between the Sales and finance departments is shortened and the repetitive tasks can be handled with the integration. The tedious job of bookkeeping can be given up and you get more time to focus on the performance and expansion of the business.

Track And Monitor All Records In Real-Time

Managing the accounting process would be much easier with QB Sync Made Easy. You can track and monitor all transactions in real-time. This helps you to manage your customers, and take instant actions like sending estimates and invoices to the concerned client. Also, the overall monitoring of the customers or the opportunities helps you to take futuristic actions.

The integration helps you to keep track of all the financial transactions, your sale invoices, your deposits, your unbilled transactions, etc all in one spot. The reporting quality can be improved, and the probability of human error will be reduced.


With QB Sync Made Easy, managing your account process would be much more effective. The 360 view of the customer enables you to make effective business decisions.

QB Sync Made Easy is a QuickBooks Online And Salesforce Integration Tool that is easily available on AppExchange. Install the App and see your business booming like never before!

  • Automating data sharing between Salesforce & Quickbooks

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