Integrate Salesforce And QuickBooks: Reasons And Solution

November 21, 2023
By Team QB Sync Made Easy
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Integrate Salesforce And QuickBooks: Reasons And Solution
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Salesforce and QuickBooks platforms are great choices for your business. But have you ever thought of integrating these two to reap greater benefits? If your CRM is not connected with the accounting platform, your competitive position may be at risk. You may lose your customers’ needs and miss out on growth opportunities.

QuickBooks and Salesforce integration give you a 360 view of your business along with the areas of improvement. The two software collaboratively share data with the sales and accounting team which in turn leads to quicker completion of the sales cycle. The integration helps in lead generation and closing of new business deals.

In the blog let’s discuss why the Salesforce QuickBooks integration is important and how you can integrate them without much hassle. Let’s get started.

Why Salesforce and QuickBooks integration is important?

Well, Salesforce and QuickBooks integration has many business benefits and plays a crucial role in overall business growth. The integration will assist you in surpassing business-plan objectives, achieving customer expectations, enhancing communication, visibility, and collaboration, and fostering the positive growth of your company.

Since you are using both platforms separately, but at the same time, you are not making the best out of them. Here highlighting a few of them, that surely compel you to give this integration a thought.

  • Secure Financial Data

The Salesforce and Quickbooks integration will help you unify the financial data and give you a bigger vision of your customer’s overall financial status. The unification is secure and you will not lose any of the financial data. At Salesforce your data is secure plus it will generate more opportunities for your business.

  • Quicker and more reliable financial services

The integration automates most of the tasks of the finance team and thus leads to quicker services. There will be no more repetitive or routine jobs and you will be free from bookkeeping duties. The services will be more reliable and give you enough space to enhance your performance and boost your business.

  • Accuracy of data

The syncing of data between the platforms is accurate as it is synced with your QuickBooks account in Salesforce and vice-versa. You can automate invoice creation, share them through e-mail, and many more. With the integration, you need not worry about the accuracy of data. Now sending invoices or emails would not be a time-consuming process.

  • Customization at your fingertips

Quickbooks Salesforce integration provides a ready-to-use template in Salesforce to send estimates and invoices for your business use. However, you can customize the layout as per your business needs and make it more relevant to your business process.

  • Enhance Personalized customer service

Now your sales team, accounts team, and marketing team are on the same page because of the integration. You have a better view of your customers and you can provide personalized service to them in every aspect. Even you can reach out to your potential clients with new offerings and develop trust with your current clients by providing financial advice and whatnot.

Why To Choose QB Sync Made Easy To Integrate Salesforce And QuickBooks?

The right integration with bi-directional sync of your data between Salesforce and QuickBooks allows you to maintain all your financial billing, invoices, balance sheets, etc on your financial platform. Also, at the same time helps you maintain orders, payments, projects, and other valuable information on Salesforce.

Without losing your time, everyone on your team would be updated with all the major information which leads to better decision-making for your business. Let’s see a few of the many reasons why QB Sync Made Easy is the perfect choice for the integration.

  • Cost Effective

Well, QB Sync Made Easy is a free-to-use app available on AppExchange. The app provides bi-directional syncing of data between Salesforce and Quickbooks. You can sync multiple QuickBooks environments. Also, you can avail recently upgraded version of the app at no cost.

  • No-Code Integration

The beauty of the app is that it is very convenient to install and configure. It is friendly for non-IT users as well. It is completely no-code integration, which makes it much more adaptive to our multiple current users and attracts new users as well.

  • Smooth syncing of data, with no fear of data loss and errors

The real-time syncing of data is smooth, and with our integration app, you will not suffer any kind of loss of data. The syncing of data is two-way which makes many things convenient for your team.


QuickBooks integration with Salesforce makes most of the complex things simpler. It will automate financial information across the desirable teams as per your business requirements. The task of payments management and closing the sales deals would be a tedious job, but that too is taken care of by the integration.

The whole process helps you forecast sales, develop growth plans, and upgrade customer relationships. The automated business process assists you to run business processes smoothly and efficiently.
To achieve your business goals stay tuned with more informative blogs.

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  • Automating data sharing between Salesforce & Quickbooks

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