Streamline Order To Cash Process Using QB Sync Made Easy

November 28, 2023
By Team QB Sync Made Easy
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Streamline Order To Cash Process Using QB Sync Made Easy
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Order To Cash (OTC), refers to the process involved when a customer places an order when the company receives payment and an entry is logged in your accounting books. A streamlined order-to-cash process experiences better cash flow and happier customers.

Many businesses fail to navigate and analyze their accounts and finances. The whole finance cycle begins the moment a transaction takes place and an entry is made in the account book.

Optimizing the Order-to-Cash process is the key to providing customer satisfaction to clients and regularizing cash flow. The best way to streamline is to automate maximum tasks in the process so that there a quicker order processes, invoice generation, and faster payments.

Also, automated business processes, reduce hurdles like manual entry, lack of financial visibility, and inefficient operations.

Let’s check out the blog, on how to Streamline The Order To Cash Process.

Why Streamlined Order To Cash Process Necessary For Your Business?

Businesses today aim to grow with modern technology and their smooth operations rest on effective cash flow management. The order-to-cash process is an important element in the order management process. Companies that have learned to streamline the Order-to-cash process witness improved customer satisfaction owing to fewer payment delay issues.

Here are some ways the streamlined OTC process impacts businesses

  • Improves cash flow within the process
  • Reduces operations cost
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • On-time payment collection
  • Accurate order fulfillment

Key Elements Involved In Your Order To Cash Process

The efficient OTC process ensures that all orders are processed, invoiced, and paid smoothly. The overall process elevates the customer’s experience and boosts the overall business.

Here are the key steps in the OTC process:

Receive And Manage Order Placed

OTC cycles begin as soon as the order is received. You need to manage and notify the relevant team member. But in an automated scenario relevant team members or departments will receive the notification and appropriate actions will be taken.

Before placing an order, an effective ordering procedure checks inventory levels to ensure that an item is not temporarily out of stock or permanently unavailable.

Shipping And Invoice Generation

With the automated OTC system, the shipping team will select the right carrier to schedule delivery of the product. At the same time, an invoice is generated and sent to the customer. Additionally, the alert will be generated in case of delayed payment or unpaid bills.

Report And Analysis

You will get an overall insight into the overall performance of the OTC cycle. With overall analysis, you can modify the steps and make transforming decisions.

How QB Sync Made Easy Helps In Streamlining The OTC Process

QB Sync Made Easy syncs QuickBooks Online, the popular accounting tool, with Salesforce effortlessly streamlines the Order-to-cash cycle. It simplifies the process of data flow between sales and finance teams and hence increases the efficiency of the process.

Automated Data Sync

QB Sync Made Easy integration syncs the data between the platforms without any loss of data. The integration eliminates the need for manual entry and attains accuracy with no time loss.

Customer details, sales orders, product information, etc are seamlessly synchronized between Salesforce and QB Sync Made Easy.

Real-Time Information

The real-time sync allows you to view the instant information and take further action. Say for example once the order is placed the data will be automatically visible on both platforms and the action can be taken by the assigned team.

Order Accuracy

The accuracy of data will be at par, and there is no fear of double entry, or wrong entry as there is no manual entry. The data is synced between the platforms with utmost accuracy and trust.

The unified data of both platforms gives accurate order details and generates invoices in less time with accuracy. Even the unpaid bills are flagged to the relevant team.

The invoice generated will be accurate and in no time can be sent to the customers.

Enhanced Reporting

The integration allows you to have the combined report of the sales data along with the finance data. The report helps you to analyze the OTC process and thus helps businesses to make informed decisions.

Scaling Up Your Business

With the integration, you can scale up your business to the next level. QB Sync Made Easy allows you to sync your multi QuickBooks accounts to Salesforce. You will get the confidence of data accuracy, the platform can handle complex data and even widen your area of business.


The integration helps your business to avoid cash flow problems and improve many of the business processes. It not only helps you to achieve your business goals but makes your business operations more efficient. It overall creates a high-value experience for your customers.

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  • Automating data sharing between Salesforce & Quickbooks

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