Major Tools For Seamless Salesforce To QuickBooks Integration

December 5, 2023
By Team QB Sync Made Easy
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Major Tools For Seamless Salesforce To QuickBooks Integration
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Are you looking for Salesforce to QuickBooks integration tools? Choosing the right integration tool is a tedious job and is important for any business to achieve your business goals. Before investing in any app one must keep in mind that it should save time and be affordable too.

There are many integration tools available in the market that can streamline your business process and automate many business processes. But choosing the right app is an uphill task that requires careful consideration of various factors.

Hence, to make your task easier we have brought a quick overview of the top 5 integration tools in 2024.  

So check out the top 5 Salesforce to QuickBooks integration tools. Here we go:

Top Salesforce To QuickBooks Integration Tools

If you have a Quickbooks platform for your accounting purposes and Salesforce for your business, there are multiple Salesforce to QuickBooks integration tools available on AppExchange that can supercharge the efficiency of both these platforms.

Here’s highlighting the top 5 integration tools.

1. QB Sync Made Easy

QB Sync Made Easy is an app gaining popularity day by day and beating the competition. The app is the product of HIC Global Solutions, a trusted Salesforce partner on AppExchange. The app easily connects Salesforce and QuickBooks Online. There are multiple reasons to look for QB sync made easy as an integration tool.

The key features that make the app unique are:

  • Free App
  • Two-way sync of data in real-time
  • Multi-currency compatibility
  • Compatible for both IT and non-IT people for integrating and configuring the app
  • Use Salesforce analytics for informed business decisions

2. Breadwinner for QuickBooks

Breadwinner for QuickBooks offers two-way synchronization of the data and connects QuickBooks online and Salesforce easily. QuickBooks online is also a popular financial management tool, after integrating with Salesforce it boosts the sales process.

The key features of the app are:

  • Starting at 2,460 USD/year
  • Install and configure the app within an hour
  • Two-way sync is available for data accuracy
  • Track all QuickBooks invoice status

3. DBSync

DBSync is designed for companies seeking a smart and agile Salesforce to QuickBooks integration solution. QuickBooks works as the accounting software for Salesforce. The integration smoothens the interaction between the sales team and the accounts team. Thus giving an overview of the overall performance of the business.

The key features are:

  • Free App
  • Bi-directional sync
  • Synchronize Invoice, Estimate, Order, Payments, and balance data from QuickBooks
  • Run analytics from within Salesforce, online software update

4. Zapier

Zapier has long been a go-to option for businesses looking to automate across several systems, and its features effortlessly extend to Salesforce and QuickBooks connection. Zapier allows customers to construct Zaps, which are automated workflows that allow data to be transferred between Salesforce and QuickBooks without the need for manual interaction. Its huge library of pre-built Zaps expedites and simplifies the integration process.

Key Features are:

  • Starting at 20 USD/company/month
  • Automate the tasks with ease
  • Strong connection between sales and accounting team

5. Synchronizer

With Synchronizer sync data from Salesforce to QuickBooks. Keep track of da today’s business processes and monitor the overall performance of your business. You can sync your data instantly or can schedule the sync at your convenience.

Key Features are :

  • 399 USD/company/year
  • Track sales and income including details of past and current invoices
  • Track business insights with in few clicks.
  • Instant and scheduled syncing is available


The integration will be helpful for your business and especially beneficial for the sales and accounting team. The sales team and accounting team work hand in hand for better visibility and futuristic decision-making. They share data including customer information, sales orders, expenses, and invoicing which will give full visibility of how your business running and diagnose where you can improve.

By selecting the right integration tool businesses can enhance their workflow, improve data accuracy, and unlock the full potential of the Salesforce ecosystem. Hope the blog clears the air and helps you in making a further decision.

For more information on QuickBooks Online and Salesforce integration contact us right away!

  • Automating data sharing between Salesforce & Quickbooks

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